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How to Become a Truck Driver

If you are interested in becoming a commercial truck driver, there are qualifications you must meet to get a job.

  • Get your commercial driver's license (CDL): In order to get your CDL, you will need to pass written and practical tests to show you understand how to operate commercial vehicles. You must be 21 to be able to get your CDL.
  • Pass a physical: Truck drivers must pass tests that include vision, hearing, and blood pressure checks.
  • Pass a background check: All drivers must undergo a background check.
  • Be proficient in English: Drivers must know enough English to read road signs, reports, and maps, and must be able to communicate with the public and law enforcement.
  • Pass a written exam: To meet DOT driver application requirements, drivers have to take an exam on Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • Meet company regulations: Trucking companies often have their own requirements for the truck driver application process. Check with companies you’re interested in about their employment regulations.
  • Complete a truck driver training program: Before you can work as a commercial truck driver you must complete a truck driver training program that prepares you to drive and inspect your truck according to state and federal regulations.
  • Complete employer training: Most employers will require on-the-job training before you are driving on your own. also provides more content on landing your first job, tips, and insights on finding a job, and CDL requirements for different states. Follow the links below to learn more about becoming a commercial truck driver.